Travelling has now become a new trend for everyone. Because of the stress, anxiety and problems covid-19 has made us go through, people are nowadays unable to cope with unwanted fear and stress. We have all missed travelling a lot all these years especially not that there is a whole new normal kind of concept for the travelling and working scenario.

The career pressure, the corporate responsibilities, the anxiety the corporate sector or business gives us, and the family and earning pressures among other crucial parts of life; everything has brought together so much tension that it has led to many struggles and mental health problems. However, the only solution to deal with them is that we must consider travelling at regular intervals without hesitation.

Here are the top travel trends that are going to become the new normal in our country.


Working while on a vacation is another way to rejuvenate yourself more than a simple vacation can. It is not always possible that your friends are always available with you while you are ready or planning for a trip, therefore, instead of going on a solo trip, you can let your work accompany you while you relax on that breezy fresh moonlight beach night or when you at a seaside hotel or when you are chilling by the poolside with your feet soaked in swimming pool. Workcations can actually prove to be quite creative and productive.

Sometimes escaping the office physically but not escaping the work is a great way to deal with the stress and frustration that you may have to deal with if you work in the office. The load people in corporate sectors have is not simply because of the work pressure, it is because of the mental and physical restrain that the workspace put us in which is why workcation can prove to be a rather helpful idea for you. Try it once and see if it makes a difference for you.

Camping Travels

People prefer to relax when they are on a trip, they expect a soothing experience like a 5-star hotel or beach-view apartment with the best food and other facilities. However, the new GenZ people require to do something out-of-the-box and more of what makes them test their own capabilities. Among these activities, one is camping in a beautiful location. Camping travels are also a new trend for people currently, especially for trips where you just want to disconnect with the outer world where you survive and get in a space where everything seems magical.

Waking up in the fresh morning air of the forests and bathing in the small mountain rivers is a dream of every millennial out there. Experience the same and get yourself on a camping trip.

Surprisingly, many packers and movers in Mumbai claim that some people have started keeping regular and essential camping equipment at home in order to enjoy the camping adventures during weekends.

Adventure Trips (bucket-list completion)

People nowadays like to go on real-time and different adventures because doing something normal is completely out of fashion.  Therefore, many would, in future, prefer adventure trips. Have you ever had a wish list that you wished to fulfil before dying? Well, I guess everybody does. Many people have plenty of activities that they wish to perform before they reach a certain point in life and this trend is increasing with every passing day. Like Zindagi Nah Milegi Dobara, people want to go skydiving, underwater exploration and other stuff to ‘face their fears’ and this is what the new trend is!

Accomplishing the bucket list is a great opportunity not only to explore more daring activities but to face the fears that were inside us since forever. Adventure activities are the new trending travel option that youngsters prefer nowadays and will in the future too.

Exploring unknown places with historic significance

This is the time of the whole era when humans feel attached to the past. People love to visit places that have a historic attachment to them. For example, places of battles, war, or other ancient significance.

Recently, in interviews with the founding members of OYO, a big chain of affordable hotels around India, admitted that the biggest consumption of their hotels is for pilgrimages and historic places.

This is quite evident in the fact that people in the near future will keep growing. Also, this is a great activity to stay connected with the roots of our cultural heritage and get to know about where we are from. This is also a trend that new tourists and travellers will prefer in the future.